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...So you know how I spend a lot of time thinking about pointless things?[Poll #1593578]
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(was not interesting enough to take notes on, apparently)
CHAPTER 199 (a.k.a. "the D.Gray-version of Naruto #347 and #386, combined")

[blah blah D.Gray-chapter 195 blah blah reactions and speculation blah blah shits and giggles blah bl--HELLO, LENALEE.  8DDD]

re: last chapter: Hoshino smoking waaay too much theology and failing at drawing her own protagonist's face, what else is new?  And Slinky!Kanda is now forever cemented into my brain, thank you very much Allegra.  Although I really would've loved to see what happened to Marie and Renny and how they survived that shit, and maybe something about the lotus mirages transferring to the waking world, and Mystery Woman, wtf with that staff she was holding when she first appeared, Innocence?  *sighs and crosses fingers for further explanatory flashbacks that likely will never come*

00-11: who died? )

12-20: animated inspiration (and liquid courage) )

21-31: *rant rant rant* )

*is ded*  On to chapter 196!...
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So, so, [livejournal.com profile] askerian does this thing where she posts reviews/reactions to new chapters of Naruto, and I can't funnel all of my overanalysis and meta into conversations with poor [livejournal.com profile] dayadhvam_triad, and [livejournal.com profile] capslock_dgm isn't exactly the place for it, and I'm too lazy/antisocial to go near [livejournal.com profile] dgray_man or [livejournal.com profile] dgrayman sooo consider this a disclaimer for the mess of notes and speculation and theories I'm about to dump in this thing.

[[EDIT: but wait there's more.]]
CHAPTER 194 (was not interesting enough to take notes on, apparently)
CHAPTER 199 (a.k.a. "the D.Gray-version of Naruto #347 and #386, combined")


*scribble scribble* )

>>> *finds d.gray-kinkmeme comm*
>>> *both of them*
>>> ...I'll be in my bunk.
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So it's two in the A.M. and I'm desperately studying for my makeup exam today, after my first class at nine (which I slept through, go me!).  I've already wasted half the night following the trail of [livejournal.com profile] askerian 's ridiculously contagious zombie!AU, so I need to cram like I've never crammed before.

Naturally, my brain chooses this moment to bombard me with bunnies for a D.Gray-Firefly crossover.

context )

they're BREEDING )

And of course I'm never going to write anything because that's not what I do.  I build and doodle and extrapolate and waste time with tables and charts and diagrams and mathematical bullshit, and I'm pretty solid on what happens with who when where how why, but write a story?  World of not happening.  Consider this a "waaaaangst into the void".  Also possibly a troll.

EDIT 2010.04.05: re:molepigspy what if it was Link and Kanda didn't shank him because (a) repercussions (b) he could be useful (c) lulz (d) all of the above?  and and and delicious conflict and open hostility and passive-aggressive behaviours and a three-way cold war between the ship's crew, the fugitive bundles of joy, and the trouble they brought upon the Maria and and I have problems, okay, I have problems.  *headdesk*


Mar. 28th, 2010 09:57 pm
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I've been spending far too much time on [livejournal.com profile] capslock_dgm recently, and the latest WTF Wednesday inspired [livejournal.com profile] rainbowhonda and [livejournal.com profile] allegratheneko to come up with the first verse of a D.Gray-man themed version of the infamous "Baby Got Back" (god love the nineties), and, I, uh.  I couldn't help myself.


I blame extenuating circumstances and reduced capacity )



Jan. 12th, 2010 10:10 am
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So, so, there's this "Gender Genie" thing, and the few times I poked it it seemed to think I was a man (an opinion with which my uterus would like to respectfully disagree), so I just threw a bunch of my old crap at it on a whim to see what would happen, and guess what!  I still have testicles.  (Although, contrary to the expectations of the many and manifold messages in my Gmail spambox, I actually am quite content with the size of my penis.)

wheeeee long list~ )

*hem-hem*  So, looking at the results, I am clearly a shemale.  Although there isn't enough "female" to rate futanari or even straight-up hermaphrodite, so maybe I'm just a dude with really excellent man-breasts?  Like, F-cup.  (Or perhaps I'm flamingly gay, whichever works.)

Also, December apparently is like my month for posting things.  Geez.  Maybe the holiday season's collection of stimuli, school vacation's provision of free time, and the thrill of avoiding finals?  I also do an awful lot of statistics, although there's plenty of wank in there too...

Gaaah it's not even the right time of month and I've been craving tea and bad slashfic for the last several hours.  >.<  Should I blame it on the lack of sleep?  I did kinda pull an all-nighter doing this.  I get so much work done in the wee hours, though--it's so much easier to think and work without distractions or interruptions.  No parents or friends or roommates or neighbours, no TV or radio or phone conversations in the background.  Just me and the distant highway traffic.  It's difficult enough to focus without noise and people all over the place... [/waxes eloquent for no good reason]
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I can't help but get giddy over a lot of ff.n's new features.  The character filters, the crossover sections, the "Just In" top 100 list, and now there's popularity filters in each of the category pages!  Ah~ ♥

Based off of data collected between 10 and 11 PM EST, Thursday December 31st 2009.

1.)  Harry Potter (436.6K)
2.)  Naruto (220.5K)
3.)  Twilight (125.6K)
4.)  Inuyasha (90.9 K)

tier five )

tier four )

tier three )

tier two )

tier one )

heavy hitters (sections with 10K+ stories)

otaku )

bookworms )

toons )

comix )

gamers )

misfits )

films )

drama club )

boob tube )

* =given Firefox 3.0.5 for Ubuntu browser on a Kubuntu 8.10 ("Intrepid Ibex") OS with screen resolution 1024x768, tabs running: a "page" is the whole of the web page visible in the window at any one point in time, counted through "pgdn" and "pgup" keys

xovers! )

analysis, yo~ )

Notes:  After a long and agonising decision process, I went for lavender as the colour for "TV Shows," as deep orange just wasn't cutting it.  *angst*

Also, to all the Naruto fic-writers out there:  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WRITE!  WRITE LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!  No way in hell is Twifail overtaking our position!  For crying out loud, neither of the main characters has a personality!  ガンバレヨ!

*is slow*

May. 6th, 2009 10:55 am
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skip this part, it's emo )


That's right. Kanda is a pretty pretty test tube baby who hallucinates pretty pretty flowers.(4)


Win~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Although really I'm just happy we got any information on him at all. It may be precious little, and incredibly vague and ambiguous to boot, but it's the most insight we've had into his character since...uhhh...frickin' Mateel, man. That was like a million years ago.(5)

*bitch bitch bitch* )

Many others have probably figured this out already; despite my IQ and ability to memorise random facts, I'm ridiculously slow. It took my brain forever to connect the dots between Kanda's lotus and the rose from Beauty and the Beast. It took even longer--until the third reread of ZONE--for the connection between "Robin" as an Akuma with Julia's soul and Allen in chapter 36 with Mana's skull hovering above him. Also, chapter 186 was released on the 23rd of April, and I didn't read it until a couple days ago, and didn't reread it until today (I was hoping sleeping on it would help the implications sink in more). So, uh, if this isn't news to you, please for to disregard. I'm used to looking like an idiot.

Now I'm off to don the cape and mask of OCD-Creature and spend hours collecting and analysing everything we've ever learned about this elusive character...because that's what I do.(7) *exeunt*

footnotesss~ )

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Is it just me, or was NASA's move to name Node 3 "Tranquility" instead of "Colbert" or "Serenity" a total cop-out?

I can understand their logic in not using Colbert, if I squint and try to fit into a hyper-publicity-conscious headspace. I can even understand not using Serenity, and instead picking from the other top names (excluding, of course, the bot-flooded suggestions like Socialvibe and Myyearbook). But choosing a substitute that means the exact same thing as one of the top three winners in the opinion poll? That's just adding insult to injury.


All that talk about democracy and populist votes. If they weren't going to pick the names that the people want, why put up an opinion poll at all?

Serenity VS Tranquility: Fight to the Death! )

Were I to put a clumsy analogy on it, I'd ask how the American public would have reacted if, after the 2000 elections, Congress had sent a pretty marathoner onto a talk show to propose that the new president be--not Bush, nor Gore--but Nader.


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*having read the Mar. 28 issue of Science News*

DAHAHAHAHA I knew it, I knew it, I knew all those diets and low-calorie and low-fat and low-sugar crap was ridiculous bullshit, SKIM MILK CAUSES CANCER.

mooooo~ )

*clears throat; I hadn't realised how much I love dairy...* In other news:
Scientists make such dorky puns.  ♥

(Also: why the hell is Twitter asking for my email password?  I'm proud to say that I've never been hacked, and I don't plan on that changing anytime soon...)

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From [info]dayadhvam_triad :
"Comment with OOOOO PICK ME! and a fandom and I'll give you a character. You post answers to the questions under the cut. OK? OK.
I have been assigned Kanda Yuu of D.Gray-man.

I'm incapable of brevity! yay! )

BTW, I hate hate hate this horrid pastel theme for my page and I've hated it ever since ten seconds after putting it up (much like that disgusting red-and-black thing that was up before, tasted too much like emo vampires) but I'm too fucking lazy to redo all the work it takes to switch themes without losing my settings but OH MY GOD IT FEELS LIKE THE INTERNET IS VOMITING EASTER INTO MY FAAACE [/dramaqueen]
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First off: a while back, can't quite remember when, I went around to all the sections that had hit my list and checked for character filters. I distinctly remember Pokemon not having one while a less likely section was more fortunate; alas, I lost the records, so I went around to all 43 sections and checked again. Every single one, and D.Gray-man, has been bedecked with a nice shiny new filter, except for the following: of the Final Fantasy titles, only the contributors in the thousands (I-VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII) benefited, while the crumbs of the fandom (XIII, Versus XIII, Crystal Chronicles, Tactics, Tactics Advance, Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift) went without; of the Star Trek titles, curiously enough, all but the "Others" section had the filter--I guess the Trekkies have a solid enough foundation (or at least enough infamy) to merit closer attention; and, of course, the Wrestling section, because either nobody wants to deal with that or there are simply too many performers to keep straight.

But the more important part of the news is that D.Gray has character filters. *suppressed squee*

listy )

Half these people are faceless names who were all dead by the fourth tankoubon, and they forget to put in Anita-san?! Blasphemy! Oh well. This is ff.n, after all. Are people even paid to do stuff like this? Watch the whole thing be run by temps in their spare time when they're not in the sweatshops in some Southeast Asian country making sneakers. It would certainly explain a lot.

I probably shouldn't play with the filters until I'm sure everyone's been using them. So I'll keep to the usual for the D.Cute-section:

lingua )

~Close-up on English archive ('*' = newer genre)~

genre )

ratings )

status )

maths )

sort by: update (code 1) OR publish (code 2)

Overall, I heart this fandom and need to get back to trolling it before it gets too big for me to devour (if it hasn't already), and there are always the little moments when you find something so well-written that it hits you right there in the pit of your stomach, and it makes everything worth it. Viva fandom.
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...The graphs are just so pretty. Also, I have this crippling need-to-know complex. And ADD. And...yeah, you know the deal.

Heavy Hitters (10K+ stories)

numbersnumbers )

It's been...uh...six months since the last check. This time, can't remember why, used decimals on the grand...oh well, it'll just complicate the comparison algorithm a little...although I just remembered that I've always hated subtracting. Damn sneaky numbers, always borrowing without asking first!...But yes! to the numbers: HP went up 21K, Naruto 25.5K, IY 3K. Roughly the same trends as always: Inuyasha fandom is in long-term cooling, Potterdom is still rolling along at the pace its sheer size requires, and the Narutards are still trying their darndest to cream Harry's British clock with a teeny-tiny (but very enthusiastic) Rasengan. Meanwhile, KH, FF7, Pokemon, Bleach, Supernatural, Stargate: SG-1, Avatar, Wrestling (god part of me still can't believe that section exists, and so prolific at that~ XDDD), High School Musical, Prince of Tennis, Sonic, and House have all bumped up; that can probably be attributed to new material in the respective franchises. Happy news!: we have new members of the Cool Kids clique--Doctor Who and Death Note (w00t ♥).  Also, Twilight doubled.

sad )

Also, on the D.Gray-front:  pre-February I think the archive had between 500 and 1000 stories; by the 23rd it was 1464; 2536 by the fourth of July; 2637 on the 14th; and the current story count is 4396.  If it keeps doubling every six months or so, and I do suspect that this trend will continue, then D.Gray-man will hit the Heavy Hitters in less than a year and work its way up.  The second the dub hits major broadcast channels, all the odds are on the side of there-goes-the-neighborhood, here-come-the-numbers.

(this is just part one, I'm coming up soon with something specifics on Naruto and D.Gray-man and characters and all those shiny new toys that have been updated...though I'm kind of embarrassed I don't recognise half the names on the D.Gray-list, it's really annoying they don't put full names)

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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Um, but to be more coherent. I have over the course of my lifetime--that's from 2:36AM EST Friday February 16th 1990 to, like, now--thought about this so many times I actually have a list in order of preference. Because, because, what with being a small hyperactive over-analytical bookworm with a wild imagination and from small Catholic grade school to mostly repressed year in massive public school to small special ed middle school to art high school, theatre major, and chronic lifelong insomniac with nothing better to do in the midnight hours lying in bed staring at the ceiling than (a) thinking about my day/week/life (b) making shit up (c) fantasizing if I had magic powers (d) making up stories (e) angsty preteen existential introspection that led to angsty teen emo poetry (and fic, natch)...well.

prelude )

But--to the question asked in the first place. What would my powers be? *goes and gets list*

listy )


extra extra read all about it )
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[Error: unknown template qotd] (Woohoo, somp'in ta waste ma tahm wiv.)

I don't think my parents ever tried to stop me from reading a book (probably because they either "wanted me to grow up an enlightened child" or (more likely) were too lazy(mother)/clueless(father) to bother), but there are a few vaguely relevant bits I can remember:

First; when I got into my mother's considerable stash of trash novels around the tender age of...oh...I was probably eight or ten, I don't think she was too happy about it--but that was mostly because I would squirrel the ones she wanted to read/was in the middle of reading away into my room and it would take a team of professional excavational spelunkers to find them again.

Second; in school I was always reading something under the desk/table when I was supposed to be paying attention, and while this ticked the teachers off, it wasn't until I'd switched from my regular fare (Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Sweet Valley High, Babysitters' Club, Goosebumps, Wishbone, American Girl, Boxcar Children, Anne McCaffrey, Tamora Pierce, Diana Wynne Jones, etc.) to what was clearly soft-core porn that they attempted a full-on intervention.  Also, when I (in my early primordial flailing attempts at pre-otakuness) was reading the novelized versions of the Sailor Moon anime, I would get embarrassed and recover them with paper and pretend to be reading something more intelligent than watered-down cartoonish pap that couldn't even spell the word "whoa" (it seems that, even then, I was something of an elitist).

Third; my friend Kate (who I first met when she was a beleaguered summer camp counselor and I a whirling precocious seven-year-old hellion with a vivid imagination, high IQ and a penchant for biting people; over the past decade or so, she's been something of an amalgam of teacher, mentor, babysitter, godmother, sister, idol, and friend) once forbade me from reading The Lovely Bones until I was old enough; for the first time in the history of my life I actually did what I was told, and when it was on my summer reading list in high school, she gave me her copy.

I think that's it.  EDIT:  Ooh, ooh, also!  My friend Jessica B-L (I know waaay too many Jessicas) gave me her copy of the Necronomicon when she moved down to South North Carolina with her Iraq vet combat-medic husband; before that, I would flip through it when I was over at her parents' place (I thought--and still think--that it's the most adorable thing ever), and I would randomly pick a page and read melodramatically and she would freak out and tackle me and wrestle the book away (it didn't matter whether I was reading from "The Conjuration of the Fire God" or the Acknowledgements).

(Hee, downstairs I can hear my cat fussing and scratching in her labohratohree; three guesses what that is.  Socute. ♥)

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*flails*  It's Sarah Rees Brennan's birthday, and I'm late again.  >.<;;;;;

Sarah Rees Brennan --> Maya --> [livejournal.com profile] mistful  is (a) the reason why I'm willing to walk into a bookstore again and look into new books (b) a wealth of bookish knowledge and expertise I've been desperately waiting to tap into my whole life (c) a fanfic writer so skilled and witty I will actually read copious fic for a fandom I usually don't patron of a pairing I normally avoid because of my personal opinion of its likelihood (if you're interested, it's "slim to none") (d) a new author coming out with the first of her debut YA SFF trilogy in Germany in March of 2009 (because US and UK take longer, apparently) for which I will happily learn German and find a way to purchase it online just for the chance to read it earlier (is that too much italicising? my "melodrama" instincts are perking again) (e) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Hence, the flailing.  About a year ago I ran across her work Drop Dead Gorgeous (reasonable use of italics, hurray) while halfway through infiltrating the lovely FastForward Sarge's pro-SasuNaru RYFG Yahoo!group (incidentally, curiosity killed the cat and nothing Eugene O'Neill says can change that), fell on the floor laughing (can you keep track of my manic ADD parenthetic-interjection-infested narrative? I know I can't), looked up the author, discovered a personality overwhelmingly worthy of stalkage, read all her public LJ posts, friended her, and started a cult.  Okay, maybe not the last part, but I should have!  Because somewhere around--oh, was it November?  It might have been November--she landed an amazing multi-figure book deal that splashed her fame all over the internet and beyond.  That's an awful lot of cult members; we might even weigh out Scientology and Dahn Yoga if we recruit hard enough.  Shortly after, she Came Out on LJ, gave her name as Brennan, Sarah Rees, and collected several hundred more rabid fans (If not several thousand).  Even more exciting, despite having been a BNF (Big Name Fan for those who, like me, are constantly out of the loop) for like forever and rapidly becoming an actual celebrity, she actually responds thoughtfully to comments on her journal.  (And let me tell you, those italics were quite merited (those too!).)

Have I said hence-the-flailing yet?  I have?  Good.

So, it's her birthday, and I don't know quite what to do (seeing as I'm a bit of a no-name, after all, and that's most certainly the way I like it) besides spontaneously (and impotently) declaring today (September 21--at least I think it's not midnight yet...Lord, but I do suck at this birthday thing) an international book-loving holiday; I don't know her personally, she doesn't know me personally, I highly doubt she reads my elljay, and have I mentioned the flailing yet?

I don't know what to do.  This is pretty much what it's like for me all the time, so I guess I'll do what I always do: something rather stupid with a lot of big words thrown on top to make it seem like the appropriate thing to do.  (Hey, it's gotten me this far...)  I copied D_T's idea of birthday posts earlier, and though I'd thought to limit that to friends/people who actually read my journal, the flailing won out.  And look, it's not even f-locked (at least, I think it isn't; this technology claptrap-whippersnappers-etc. tends to confound me, and then deliver a swift kick in the ovaries).  Yay?

So, celebrating how cool I think Sarah Rees Brennan/Maya is, this post is born.  And it took less than an hour, holy crap.  That's a first...

(Merited italics!--oh wait, the joke's over?  Sorry about that...)


(See?  Even thinking about her makes me more verbose!  She chafes the rust off my vocabulary despite years in inner-city Boston--which is quite the achievement, let me tell you [vague approximation of audience/friends/my mother/my cat--oh, who am I kidding, my cat hates me].)

*shuts up*

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[Poll #1222882][Poll #1222882]

D.Gray-man's archives have doubled in just four-and-a-half months, to 2536 stories total (that's the equivalent of 102 pages of fic).

~Close-up on English archive ('*' = newer genre)~

sort by: update (code 1) OR publish (code 2)

Overall, damn but this fandom has grown fast.  And now that Funimation's licensed it for dubbing, the tsunami of American n00bfans can already be seen in the distance, ready to turn my precious precious tinyfandom into the likes of Bleach, Inuyasha, and Naruto.  I don't know whether I want to swell with pride or lock D.Gray-man in its room and tell it it's not allowed to date until it's thirty...  *sob*  They grow up so fast...

(Also, this would have been posted like five days ago had the computer not been taken apart, moved from one room from another, put back together, broke down, fixed, caught a virus, quarantined, scanned, and reset.  AND THEN LIVEJOURNAL DECIDED TO HATE ME.  Mother of God.  *deathglares at evilthing*)
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I have to share this computer with my mother, so I don't have the time or resources to update the D.Gray-man or Naruto stats yet.

I reviewed the heavy hitters in all the categories (comics is still utterly bereft of anything significant):

Apart from the top three, nothing has really budged much except Kingdom Hearts (up 4K) and Twilight, which has actually doubled.  If it weren't for Jasper Fforde and Sarah Rees Brennan, I'd give up all hope for the future of modern literature.  (If anyone compares Stephanie Meyer to J.K. Rowling, they're lying.)

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read more )

That's the first one.  There's another.  -_-;;  More tomorrow--I'm out of school, applying for a summer job, have nothing much to do.  My precious darling Hermione (yes, I named my new laptop, and no, it wasn't specifically for the Harry Potter character--awesome as Hermione Jean Granger is, there is precedent of the name in both Shakespeare and Greek history, not to mention the number of possible nicknames referencing the word "mine;" we have technological possession issues in my house) fried right in front of me not three months after buying it off eBay (curse you, eBay! *shakes fist*) and I've been sneaking onto the computer my mother uses when she's looking the other way.  Right now I'm making an effort to catch up on D.Gray-man: rereading ZONE, wtf-ing over chapter 159, going over past notes and compiling new ones.  Still trying to screw my head on straight.  *emo!sigh*

(Dayadhvam_Triad, if you have any problem with the content being displayed in a Google-unsafe zone, just comment and I'll take it off.  Also, I kind of love you.  *glomps* ♥) 


Jun. 10th, 2008 10:26 pm
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I am officially dead and this is my spectre come back from the grave to...uhhh...meander around doing random shit.

So!  To business.  Around January/February/March Dayadhvam_Triad (hereafter referred to as D_T, as the whole name is far too much effort to type out--Eliot was such a drama queen) got into D.Gray-man, and I promptly hijacked her post fangirling about it.  I'm rereading it, because I'm easily distracted and because I'm still working on a couple responses to those threads.  It's too much goddamn effort to keep it all in the indenting LJ format where eventually the sentence is like


and of course that's lame, so.  My original intent for this account (as I had no idea what had come into my head to make me apply for an account on yet another website I had no interest in at the time) was archiving fandom babble, and in D_T I found a comrade in the joys of geeking, so.

...I end far too many sentences with the word "so."

read more )

Apparently I have actually breached the LJ journal entry limit.  Um, wow?...
(this thing has randomly indented because it obviously hates me.  YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BE SUBTLER THAN THAT, YOU PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE BITCH.)