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is not this something more than fantasy?

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Birthdate:Feb 16, 1990
Location:Boston & Salem, Massachusetts, United States of America
LJ backup, perhaps? Eh, maybe I'm just paranoid. This looks like a great place, though. Think I'll like it here, if I have time to mess around and get to know folks.

I'm a sophomore Marine Biology student at university who loves to read. Books, newspapers, bad fanfiction, manga, and webcomics are some of my favorite media. (I've become a bit of an elitist these days, though--there was a time when I'd read anything that sat still long enough...) I'm not the type of person to dabble in a lot of things at once; more the type to pick a couple of things to like and dive in headfirst. Currently this involves D.Gray-man and Sarah Rees Brennan; in the past it has included Naruto, Inuyasha, Anne McCaffrey, and Tamora Pierce.

I update irregularly with random blather and gratuitous statistical surveys of This is because of (a) college work (b) ADD (c) my tendency to immerse myself in something new, come up for air, and then run screaming. (Forays into NeoPets, GaiaOnline, and NationStates all ended predictably badly; I've also sort of fallen down on the job when it comes to deviantART and MMPU (a small forum founded to protest 4Kids' handling of the Tokyo Mew Mew dub; I lost interest in the fandom, but stayed for the people...well, until about 2008. Everything went south in 2008).)

I also tend to tl;dr all over the place. This is why I do not tweet--normally I have trouble restricting myself to 140 words, let alone 140 characters.

So. Um. Hi? It's nice to be here; I like the color scheme. (although alas, things seem to be designed for resolution larger than 1024x768...)
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