Apr. 25th, 2011

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EDIT: I started adding links to the editors' amv.org pages and, uh, LJ yelled at me about the post being too long? So this is now split into 2006-2008, 2009-2012, and 2013-2016, because. Reasons.

I've been compiling lists of the winners and finalists in AB's Music Video Contest that I've seen at the conventions (just the winners from '06, '07, and '08, and all of the finalists from '09-present; in 2005 I didn't see any of them at all and therefore did not get the visceral effect of a video and audio system larger than my laptop, so I do not care, and '09 was the first year I actually went to the Contest showing instead of just watching the winners in Closing Ceremonies and/or the Masquerade).  I've been keeping it all in draft(s) on my Gmail account, which is where I keep all of my notes these days because (a) dude, it's searchable (b) my computer haets word processors with all the passion its battered little electronic soul can muster up (c) you can google your notes, how freaking awesome is that.  (Even if that means that I now have to find a backup for my cloud backup, and I'm not sure how...  *headdesk*)

Anyway!  I figure the draft is getting a little long for Gmail (on my computer, at least) to deal with without slowing down a little, so I'm putting it up here.

Lo and behold!  A sort-of comprehensive list of the 2006-2016 Anime Boston AMV Contest Winners and 2009-2016 AMV Contest Finalists!*

* = DISCLAIMER OF DISCLAIMING:  In no particular order in some cases, because I don't remember the original order and/or I lost my original notes and had to look up the information again.  And if there's more than two or three sources of video or audio, I get lazy and put (various)!  Except if the sources are all in the same canon--then I just list the most obvious.  For instance, I'm not going to list every single Kingdom Hearts game used in a video.  (Actually, anything in parentheses below the title that's not in quotation marks is probably a note that I'm not totally sure about something.)

...Okay, so maybe 'comprehensive' was a poor choice of words.  There's a pretty good chance I fucked up somewhere, like on the AMV maker / AMV studio thing, so uh.  Don't quote me on this?

"Title of Song" by Artist Name
Title of Source Anime
Name of AMV editor

AB '06 )

AB '07 )

AB '08 )

[1] = (The listing of this only mentioned Das Omen, but the beginning part, with that woman praying--Misato, from Evangelion?--is Lauf der Zeit.)
[2] = ("Genkaiten (subeta wa watashi no bankai wo shiranai)", or...well, I don't remember the translation of the first word, but the gist of the subtitle is basically "whatchu know 'bout me!?" ...or something.)
[3] = (I have no idea who this person is, BUT I LOVE THEM FOREVER.  I just.  First the one that finally made it worth it that Boston was the only city in America that felt the need to call the bomb squad on a frigging Light Bright, and then the one that totally justified my finding Totoro creepy as a child, while simultaneously violating the childhoods of several thousand people.  In the same contest, no less.  That takes talent.)

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