Feb. 17th, 2011

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I, like many a starving college student/otaku/anyone on a budget or unwilling to wait more than 3 minutes (plus boiling water) to make food, have eaten a lot of cup ramen.  I'm a Maruchan brand loyalist, mostly because Top Ramen tastes fucking bizarre, and am most fond of their popular neon-orange-packaged Chicken flavor (although I did have a brief fling with the neon pink Shrimp flavor...those tiny freeze-dried crustaceans kind of creeped me out).  I also have been known to make a decent stir-fry with packaged ramen (using half a flavor packet to a whole package of noodles, draining the water before adding the flavoring, and including a healthy chunk of 100% real motherfucking butter, bitches).  You might say that I'm almost an instant ramen aficionado.

This, however, I did not see coming.

lol cheese ramen )

Of course, the ingredients list explains everything:

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Basically, they took regular 'chicken ramen' broth powder and added cheese sauce powder.  Not very original, but, being lazy myself, I give this one an 'E' for the '(Total Lack of) Effort'.  Probably would not buy again, but if I had to eat it again, I wouldn't bitch about it too much.

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(Also, I am twenty-one as of yesterday at 02:36 AM.  Woo.





Okay, enough old-school text!emoticon dancing, my attention span can't handle much more.)