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(was not interesting enough to take notes on, apparently)
CHAPTER 199 (a.k.a. "the D.Gray-version of Naruto #347 and #386, combined")


- and somehow they were made more girly, and on top of that look like they were drawn by Takahashi Rumiko.  (posing like some goddamn Christmas calendar, innocent-eyed and pouty-lipped and holding flowers for crying out loud, Kanda's masculinity didn't need any more damage...)

- nagumooo ♥

- a'ight, rehash page.  9/11!  spaghetti!  wings!  Lvellie having a hernia!  Reever having an onoes!  Allen having a sudden surge in melanin levels!  d'awww, he looks so pretty when he's dead sleeping.  For!  Earl and Tyki looking diabolically pleased!  Road looking...dammit, I can't tell when she's in dolly mode.  HAVE A FACIAL EXPRESSION SO I CAN EXTRAPOLATE YOUR SENTIMENTS PLZ.
- oooh, fun font.
- y'know, I would love if we could find out their original names? unless these are their original names, 'cause I had a great-grandmother named Alma, buuut what about the family names?  was Kanda ~actually~ Japanese?  Where did 'Karma' come from?  I always assumed 'Kanda' was Yuu naming himself out of resentment/sudden teenage clonedependence, but...

- fuckin'...whose arm is that?  Allen's?  fun times.  Reever, man, do you really think anyone's going to listen to a civilian?  basically all you are right now is Allen cannon fodder.
- Kanda: *is suddenly not sure if he's okay with this*

- um.  what?  are we being all graceful and effortless and godmoding now?  I did not get memo.
- AAAH ART FLASHBACK are you consciously mimicking the god-and-man-wiggling-fingers-at-each-other painting, hoshino, or is this another vicodin-fueled rampage of crazy?
- (sorry, Alma, Noah trump Akuma any day)

- Kanda looks so purty in this chapter.  seriously, are we sure he's not a girl?
- awww, Alma owie face.  ;_;  *squishes*
- what does it say that he keeps calling him 'moyashi' instead of 'walker' or 'noah' or some other contemptuous distant address?  goofy beansprout nickname isn't as friendly/intimate as yobisute, but even with the overtones of disrespect it's still downright affectionate.
- the art was SO DAMN PRETTY this chapter I don't even
- (what does it say that Alma, popularly compared to a Lavi-Allen illicit love child, turned out to be Lotus Lady?  or rather, what does it say about those two characters' masculinity?)
- (ooh ooh also confirmation that Lotus Lady was an Exorcist too, that parasitic waitaminute but she had a staff.  does the Innocence re-conform differently?  I mean, I'd suspected Mugen to be a bit of a new construct, but to switch from equipment type to parasitic type just because of a clone body?  huh.)

- OF COURSE.  it all makes sense now.  Allen used the stabbing as an opportunity to possess Kanda!  that explains why the hair has calmed down.  (aaah why does he somehow look less stupid carrying a damn Akuma like that.  maybe because he's not as short?  gah.)
- ohhh yeah.  that's an Allen face.  (actually, to be more precise it's a Lenalee face, but...she's in Greece at the moment, so.)  Kanda with compassionate facial expressions--actually, Kanda with non-pissy facial expressions at all--will take some getting used to.  (is that emotion I see in those eyes?  blasphemy!)

- WTF.  Hoshinooo, dint I tell you to stay off those dang hallucinogens?  the 14th making his bizarre mirrorself manifest is kind of the overkill frosting on our melodramatic story arc cake.  not to mention the Fun with Facial Expressions...  (I'd hit it.)
- poor Kanda.  at this point he's probably going 'what the fucking fuckity fuck DDD:'
- somehow I'm reminded of the beginning to the Ghostbusters theme song, with the supposedly demonic laughter.  This could totally be an episode of it, couldn't it?
- (Who you gonna call?)
- not shown: the Earl creaming his pants.  oh baby~

- ayup, Innocence stabbings is the key.
- I'm sorry, did I say 'creaming his pants'?  I meant dancing in midair like a doofus.  XD  why am I reminded of the Earl's chicken dance.  dude, do you not remember that this is the guy who betrayed you and killed eleven of your number before fleeing after a failed Earlssassination attempt.  you tracked him down and executed him yourself.  it's not like this is Allen, all sunshine and daisies.  it's the exact same guy.

- why does this sound like the plot of a fanfic?  oh yeah, because it probably is.  the yullen fangirls will never let us live this down.  unnecessary homoeroticism ftw~
- also, fun.  will Kanda now have a guilt complex?  *also a fanfic plot device*
- the Noah and the Innocence, diametrical opposites.  Innocence destroys Dark Matter.  Noah can destroy Innocence, and perhaps vice versa.  first there was the Earl, and he created the rest, and at some point he split off parts of his soul *coughhorcruxcough* to grow Dark Matter for to make Akuma, and was the Cube there before or after he was?  Chicken?  Egg?  where is the rooster in this scenario?
- of course you did it to him, genius.  you stabbed him in the gut with a freaking SWORD, what did you expect to happen?  maybe he thought it was to subdue and it backfired?  either way, hadn't it already been established that it was Allen's willpower keeping back the tides of Noah?
- re: "allen walker's now gone"  and if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you.  shounen protag = contractual immortality.

- um, no offense and I don't mean to be a civilian basher or anything but, why exactly does Johnny matter again?
- cue cursed-eye revelation in 3...2...

- pretty night sky, desolate late-fall-early-winter (or late-winter-early-spring?  depths of winter?) treescape, prettyful 14th, Allen randomly chained to a throne (not even going to touch that one)(not the most restrictive binding--if the ankle chain isn't too tight, could wriggle legs out, use that leverage to free head, then squirm outta the rest), oh baby you know I like it when you period-costume at me like that...  oh baby oh baby
- and suddenly Allen is wearing clothes again.  um.  okay.  (maybe the 14th decided it was indecent and gave him some matching shirt stuff?)
- "he's going mad / the millennium earl is going mad / all is oblivion / the puppet of destruction meets its end"

- yup, looks like Tyki, if Tyki had Crown Clown hair.  geez, right down to the damn ribbon.  (I'd hit it.  BLESS YOU GOOD ART~)
- lol conveniently placed wings
- "and you too, 'allen' / became a mad puppet"
- (I can just picture the retelling of this.  'yeah, Kanda stabbed Allen and turned him into a Noah and it was really freaky but then Allen got distracted by a butterfly Akuma so it turned out okay :D')

- HE HAS A NAME NOW and, fittingly, it doesn't make any sense at all.  "Neah"?
- "I'm the one who will destroy everything, the 14th Noah"
- (so Allen is Sailor Saturn?)
- (what was he reaching out for?)

- ah. screen snow.  does anyone remember that, the black-and-white fuzz when signal was bad, that these days is just a blue display reminiscent of Microsoft's BSoD?  and rewinding and fastforwarding VHS tapes, with the diagonal lines across the screen?  ah, nostalgia for obsolete technology.
- wait when did the Level 4 Akuma sprout Lenalee-esque pigtails--uh--nevermind, it's Tim, I'm an idiot.  *headdesk*  scroll down before drawing conclusions, Judy...
- wtf @ huuuge forearms.  I know Level 4 have machine guns sprouting everywhere, but does that mean that the Uzified limbs remain deformed?
- (wait tim can be used as an offensive weapon against Akuma? Lvellie gon' be pissed this was kept from him.  not that anyone knew much about our favourite Snitch-lookalike besides Cross, and he pulled a disappearing act waaay back.)
- (wait, Akuma eyes can hurt from seeing something?  so, hypothetically, they could also have need of the brain bleach?  *has terrible thoughts*)

- *snrk*  y'know, we never did see exactly how big Timcanpy can get.  don't question it, Link, just chalk it up to the opioids and move on
- if Cross comes outta there i'm'a be pissed.  and/or ecstatic, who knows.  either way, with Cross involved it's a curb-stomp battle.  (I suppose that's one way to end a lagging story arc... *squashes thoughts on DNA polymerase*)
- in other news, yaaay Tevak is holding on.  maybe Madarao is too.
- (tiny feet~ ♥)
- (*snicker* poor Link.  "WHAT FUCKERY IS THIS")

- (is there a reason the wings never really stay proportional?)
- more fun with font, yay

- dude, who'd'a thunk Timcanpy would have all this offensive power. (who's the cutest destroyer of worlds?  you are, that's who~)
- bubble go *pop*
- (and that's how that massive crater wound up in the Grand Canyon, kids)

- Alma: *ded*
- Kanda: *needs to stop it with the Inuyasha hair I mean seriously dude, get some straightener for that shit also for your sexuality, it needs it*
- Earl/Sheryl/Wisely/Road dolly: *look kinda stupid*
- Allen/14th: *godmoding gleefully*  WOOHOO I HAS THE POWAAA~

- I thought so.
- also, monocle is back!  yaaay~
- Mana always was harshing his baby brother's mellow.

- here comes the fun part where he realises he can't fly.  *cue Wile E. Coyote sign*
- actually, hm.  why doesn't the presence of Crown Clown in his body, altering the nature of every cell in his system (presumably even the gut flora, else he wouldn't be able to eat like he does) piss off the presence of the Noah?  does it have to be a specifically violent act--like, say, getting run through with a giant fucking sword--to trigger the genetic memory?
- (also, more fuel to my Timcanpy = Mana theory)

- XD  poor Kanda.  just trying to get over the fact that he may have unleashed a Noah by mistake and the kid fixes himself in midair.  all that lovely consternation goes to waste, such a shame.
- ah, here comes the messianic soulsaving.  good times.  (what is it, left eye?  did Timmy fall down the well again?)
- (also, no double takes at Kanda's sudden face heel turn to copying your 'let's hold the Akuma bridal style' idea?)

- please don't tell me I'm the only one having flashbacks to the ghost from the zombie apocalypse arc.  why do all recent souls sound like they've got serious head colds?
- (no worries, Alma-soul.  Allen's seen a lot worse.  if he starts projectile vomiting, though, feel free to die of shame.)

- AND THE CROWD GOES WILD.  crazy slash fangirl theory number eleventy-hundred-and-fifty-six was actually correct.  good times.  *pours champagne; drowns sorrows*
- dear Hoshino: plz learn how to draw fingers again thx.
- ...if I take that one chick's spoilery babble into account...goddamn, izzat gonna be canon or some shit?  dunno how I feel about that.
- (well at least it explains why it looks so girly; doesn't, however, explain why he was the manlier of the two...)
- is "moyashi" all Kanda's been allowed to say over the past chapter?  not cool poking the fangirls like that, Hoshino.  they don't need any more enthusiasm.

- also, it makes her the creepiest ex in like history.  RYFG Yullen hatefic in 3...2...
- ah, back to the paintbrush font I see.

- I kind of want glasses like that.
- self-destructing? uh, isn't that counterintuitive? it totally erases the Akuma soul, but would just kill Kanda.  =/= together in afterlife.
- also, is this the Earl cutting his losses and pulling out now that Allen is no longer Fourteeny?
- "you destroyed me and lived on, yuu / but that was to keep your promise with me, huh"

- wait what happened to strangling the guy.
- well, yeah, but you kinda made it worse by being all psychotic like that.  the harder you try the greater the need to off him before he realises.  this is not a helpful spiral.
- lol flowerz
- XD izzat a heart-shaped bubble I see?
- "i'm sorry ... / as long as you live, you'll surely search for me / one day you might realise that alma is me / and that's the one thing i can't endure"
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