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This is something I worked out a while ago...like, in the last two years?  2014ish maybe.  Because I was reading yet another werefic based on hilariously inaccurate theories of grey wolf social structure*, and I decided to finally hammer out my headcanon for D.Gray-characters being wereshifters.  (Also the biologically-enforced-gender-role dynamics, but I'm leaving out that part because it's kinky but ultimately pisses me off.)

Assuming some humans manifest some sort of magical spiritual totemic bond with animals of a specific extant species of carnivore, but instead of being able to wolfwhisper you instead turn into a wolf; limiting the species pool to commonly known (/culturally significant) charismatic animals in a few of the Carnivora families, because most people don't know or care about fossa or binturong**.

who what )

(I apologize in advance for the taxonomy geekery contained below.)

unnecessarily recursive footnotes )

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So here's something I did a lot of work on last spring, and intended to post about, but obviously that never happened.  (I'm always most creatively driven when I have something else to be procrastinating from...)

This is a version where two teams, from a human world and a troll world, are told that they're going to be competing against aliens to win--I'm too lazy to look at the notes right now, but I think both worlds are threatened with destruction and the winning team gets to save their planet and/or create a new one.  (At least, that's what they're told at first.)  Different home planets, same Medium; yes, that means shared moons.  I'm ignoring any alpha/beta revisionverses in favor of there being one human team and one troll team, each with nine members; I ignored about half the Noah because of characterization reasons (if I only know three things about them, one of those being their name, I can't get into their headspace).  Humans are largely Exorcists, trolls are largely Noah; I didn't feel creative enough to try mixing that up, vice versa or with integrated teams.

I actually have a semi-fleshed-out storyline for this 'verse, where two-thirds of the characters (including all time/space players) die horribly for one reason or another and the remaining six have to team up for survival, regardless of species (and regardless of who may have murdered whom in the past).  I'll go over some of that in a later post, maybe?  Same for lands, sprites, backstories, etc.  (wrt titles: I spent a looooong time angsting over classes and aspects, based on my understanding/headcanon from something like a few years ago.  At some point I intend to research more recent developments in canon for that.  I still haven't read beyond D.Gray-chapter 203, and the last page of HS I read had Jade meeting Calliope in a dream.  It's been awhile.)

> Full Name (Nicknames if they have any)
> [Handle if known]
> Title
> [Symbol if known]
> Typing Quirk
> Strife Specibus
> Dreamself Notes

some black-order folks )

some anti-order folks )
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Naturally I wound up with three separate scenarios, none of which really apply to the D.Gray-stuck I talked about last post.  I'll do these in ascending order of how much time they took me to work out:

'Noah Zodiac' (cheap reorientation of sequences) )

'Noahcestors' (reincarnation considered, including Allen) )

'Noahspectrum' (agonizing cross-comparisons completely ignoring the new guys) )

The latter two of the scenarios is applicable to an alternate Kids/Game thing that I've been trying to work out ectobiology for and just succeeding in confusing myself further, and I'm pretty sure this sentence is an abomination unto the English language but whatever:

if the Kids didn't include Allen, and I actually considered ectobiology: )


Jun. 20th, 2013 04:23 pm
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Woo, it's been a while. I have a lot to do WRT updating this blog, if I do keep it updated--D.Gray-chapters, that other d_t convo, the AB AMV post...not to mention all the cross-concepting I've been doing. Oh well, one thing at a time.

D.Gray-stuck! (not to be confused with D.Troll-man)

-- I haven't actually caught up with the canon DGM chapters from 204 onward...I keep intending to, and not doing it
-- and the last thing I remember keeping up with re: Homestuck was John waking up from his tantrum-induced dreambubble convo with Vriska and Tavros
-- and of course I read through the first few thousand pages of HS on a device that refused to view the Flash pages, which was super confusing and it's only the recaps that helped me understand anything at all; I'm trying to finish remedying that now, and also catch up, but it's pretty time-consuming

So, the Fab Four as the Kids, the Noah as the Trolls, the Earl and the 14th as the Cherubs, and I'm too lazy to put much thought into ectobiological shenanigans right now.  Not really interested in the game mechanics e.g. denizens and consorts and carapaces and exiles etc., but the titles and lands and locations and themes etc. will be addressed.

setting )

So!  I've mostly been working with the Fab Four/Kids angle.  Here's what I've got so far:

Allen, Knight of Hope )

Kanda, Prince of Life )

Lenalee, Maid of Space )

Lavi, Mage of Time )

*I'm assuming someone's made this joke about Caliborn/Lord English already
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So it's two in the A.M. and I'm desperately studying for my makeup exam today, after my first class at nine (which I slept through, go me!).  I've already wasted half the night following the trail of [livejournal.com profile] askerian 's ridiculously contagious zombie!AU, so I need to cram like I've never crammed before.

Naturally, my brain chooses this moment to bombard me with bunnies for a D.Gray-Firefly crossover.

context )

they're BREEDING )

And of course I'm never going to write anything because that's not what I do.  I build and doodle and extrapolate and waste time with tables and charts and diagrams and mathematical bullshit, and I'm pretty solid on what happens with who when where how why, but write a story?  World of not happening.  Consider this a "waaaaangst into the void".  Also possibly a troll.

EDIT 2010.04.05: re:molepigspy what if it was Link and Kanda didn't shank him because (a) repercussions (b) he could be useful (c) lulz (d) all of the above?  and and and delicious conflict and open hostility and passive-aggressive behaviours and a three-way cold war between the ship's crew, the fugitive bundles of joy, and the trouble they brought upon the Maria and and I have problems, okay, I have problems.  *headdesk*