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(it's been pissing me off that I can't find an accurate version of this anywhere, so I'm transcribing the lyrics my own damn self)

ARTIST:   Emily Loizeau
ALBUM:   Pays Sauvage
RELEASED:   2009.02.03 and/or 2009.10.20  *tears hair out*
TRACK:   #11, "In Our Dreams"
COMPOSER:   Emily Loizeau

sometimes they remain in silence / sometimes they provoke the violence / of our dreams... )

The album track is supposedly five minutes and ten seconds long; the only reliable source for streaming I can find is a YouTube video of somebody's baby girl rolling around and being cute, and that's 05:15, and it cuts off at an odd place.  (Well, there's also the stop-motion one with Legos and traffic noises, which is awesome, but alas only 03:52; damn but I miss IMEEM.)  Ugh, and then the live performances, each of which is a completely different version of the song...  *headdesk*

[[ EDIT:  Mr. Jean-Claude Courbon was kind enough to scan the CD booklet pages containing the official lyrics!  Awesome~ ]]
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So it's two in the A.M. and I'm desperately studying for my makeup exam today, after my first class at nine (which I slept through, go me!).  I've already wasted half the night following the trail of [livejournal.com profile] askerian 's ridiculously contagious zombie!AU, so I need to cram like I've never crammed before.

Naturally, my brain chooses this moment to bombard me with bunnies for a D.Gray-Firefly crossover.

context )

they're BREEDING )

And of course I'm never going to write anything because that's not what I do.  I build and doodle and extrapolate and waste time with tables and charts and diagrams and mathematical bullshit, and I'm pretty solid on what happens with who when where how why, but write a story?  World of not happening.  Consider this a "waaaaangst into the void".  Also possibly a troll.

EDIT 2010.04.05: re:molepigspy what if it was Link and Kanda didn't shank him because (a) repercussions (b) he could be useful (c) lulz (d) all of the above?  and and and delicious conflict and open hostility and passive-aggressive behaviours and a three-way cold war between the ship's crew, the fugitive bundles of joy, and the trouble they brought upon the Maria and and I have problems, okay, I have problems.  *headdesk*
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MySpace/Imeem Deal Leaves Thousands of Artists Unpaid | Epicenter | Wired.com
MySpace buries Imeem | CNET News
MySpace Kills Streaming Music Apps Powered by iMeem's API | ReadWriteWeb
MySpace “Migrates” imeem Into Nothing | Social Times
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MySpace Buys imeem, Rolls it Into MySpace Music | WebProNews

I told them not to move my fucking cheese )

(I mean, Jesus, Merry Christmas to you too, Murdoch. I'm actually finding myself wanting an "angry!" icon because of this.)

EDIT 2010.01.15: The 'Space did indeed send emails out about playlists, and just today another was sent saying that if I logged in and supplied some identifying information about my imeem account it would import my playlists for me.  I went forth and did so, and was depressingly unsurprised to find that MySpace "imported" six playlists, of the forty or fifty I had been (unrealistically) hoping for: two Ore Ska Band albums which have the title converted into mojibake--the import must not have recognised Asian character sets--and most of the tracks missing; two Ani DiFranco albums (out of twenty that I had had on imeem) that lack all but one or two tracks; and two thankfully complete albums, India.Arie's Acoustic Soul and Kalafina's Seventh Heaven.

waaaaangst *pout* )