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In the order in which I did them (is that sentence grammatically correct?):

super-duper-man )

back to the fyewchaaaaa... )

what's the centigrade of fahrenheit 451? )

oh the holiness of school vacation )

wonder if it's possible to beat someone up with a basketball )

*obscure Anne McCaffrey joke* )

(A note.)

Oct. 28th, 2009 08:41 pm
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"...A certain sort of inevitability brought about not by some all-encompassing spider-woven tapestry of destiny but by the sort of simultaneous independent coincidences of ideological breakthrough along the lines of the separate developments of agriculture by early peoples, Darwin's and Wallace's formulations of evolution by natural selection, the invention of the telephone and other such examples, exacerbated by the accelerated dissemination of ideas enabled by broad and frequent cross-cultural contact, communication and trade."

(cliology would call them memes)

The above is what happens when I write things down as they form in my head.  Perhaps a bit wordy and confusing, but smoothly (for me) conveying the concept I'm trying to get across.  Unfortunately, I do not often enough get or take advantage of these opportunities, which becomes one of the sources of my difficulties in writing--when I remember what I want to say, but not how I can say it.  It's kind of...maddening.  *headdesk*

(Also, this icon is kind of really...pixelated.  It's almost painful.  I need to do something about that...)

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