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Is it just me, or was NASA's move to name Node 3 "Tranquility" instead of "Colbert" or "Serenity" a total cop-out?

I can understand their logic in not using Colbert, if I squint and try to fit into a hyper-publicity-conscious headspace. I can even understand not using Serenity, and instead picking from the other top names (excluding, of course, the bot-flooded suggestions like Socialvibe and Myyearbook). But choosing a substitute that means the exact same thing as one of the top three winners in the opinion poll? That's just adding insult to injury.


All that talk about democracy and populist votes. If they weren't going to pick the names that the people want, why put up an opinion poll at all?

Serenity VS Tranquility: Fight to the Death! )

Were I to put a clumsy analogy on it, I'd ask how the American public would have reacted if, after the 2000 elections, Congress had sent a pretty marathoner onto a talk show to propose that the new president be--not Bush, nor Gore--but Nader.


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*flails*  It's Sarah Rees Brennan's birthday, and I'm late again.  >.<;;;;;

Sarah Rees Brennan --> Maya --> [livejournal.com profile] mistful  is (a) the reason why I'm willing to walk into a bookstore again and look into new books (b) a wealth of bookish knowledge and expertise I've been desperately waiting to tap into my whole life (c) a fanfic writer so skilled and witty I will actually read copious fic for a fandom I usually don't patron of a pairing I normally avoid because of my personal opinion of its likelihood (if you're interested, it's "slim to none") (d) a new author coming out with the first of her debut YA SFF trilogy in Germany in March of 2009 (because US and UK take longer, apparently) for which I will happily learn German and find a way to purchase it online just for the chance to read it earlier (is that too much italicising? my "melodrama" instincts are perking again) (e) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Hence, the flailing.  About a year ago I ran across her work Drop Dead Gorgeous (reasonable use of italics, hurray) while halfway through infiltrating the lovely FastForward Sarge's pro-SasuNaru RYFG Yahoo!group (incidentally, curiosity killed the cat and nothing Eugene O'Neill says can change that), fell on the floor laughing (can you keep track of my manic ADD parenthetic-interjection-infested narrative? I know I can't), looked up the author, discovered a personality overwhelmingly worthy of stalkage, read all her public LJ posts, friended her, and started a cult.  Okay, maybe not the last part, but I should have!  Because somewhere around--oh, was it November?  It might have been November--she landed an amazing multi-figure book deal that splashed her fame all over the internet and beyond.  That's an awful lot of cult members; we might even weigh out Scientology and Dahn Yoga if we recruit hard enough.  Shortly after, she Came Out on LJ, gave her name as Brennan, Sarah Rees, and collected several hundred more rabid fans (If not several thousand).  Even more exciting, despite having been a BNF (Big Name Fan for those who, like me, are constantly out of the loop) for like forever and rapidly becoming an actual celebrity, she actually responds thoughtfully to comments on her journal.  (And let me tell you, those italics were quite merited (those too!).)

Have I said hence-the-flailing yet?  I have?  Good.

So, it's her birthday, and I don't know quite what to do (seeing as I'm a bit of a no-name, after all, and that's most certainly the way I like it) besides spontaneously (and impotently) declaring today (September 21--at least I think it's not midnight yet...Lord, but I do suck at this birthday thing) an international book-loving holiday; I don't know her personally, she doesn't know me personally, I highly doubt she reads my elljay, and have I mentioned the flailing yet?

I don't know what to do.  This is pretty much what it's like for me all the time, so I guess I'll do what I always do: something rather stupid with a lot of big words thrown on top to make it seem like the appropriate thing to do.  (Hey, it's gotten me this far...)  I copied D_T's idea of birthday posts earlier, and though I'd thought to limit that to friends/people who actually read my journal, the flailing won out.  And look, it's not even f-locked (at least, I think it isn't; this technology claptrap-whippersnappers-etc. tends to confound me, and then deliver a swift kick in the ovaries).  Yay?

So, celebrating how cool I think Sarah Rees Brennan/Maya is, this post is born.  And it took less than an hour, holy crap.  That's a first...

(Merited italics!--oh wait, the joke's over?  Sorry about that...)


(See?  Even thinking about her makes me more verbose!  She chafes the rust off my vocabulary despite years in inner-city Boston--which is quite the achievement, let me tell you [vague approximation of audience/friends/my mother/my cat--oh, who am I kidding, my cat hates me].)

*shuts up*

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So.  Um.  Mucho with the not-being-on-the-intarwebs.  Um.  In my defense *suppresses Phoenix Wright joke; I don't even play video games, goddammit* I have good reasons, involving senior year and our graduation requirement as theatre majors and hospitalizations and nervous breakdowns and yada yada yada.  Am posting my Shit Needs To Get Done list (in no particular order):

- reassure MMPU that yes I am still among the living (I was about to post in the TT3, guys, I swear, but then I wound up in the hospital for like a week and...well, not so much with the posting.  I'm kinda flattered that Rascall came all the way to LJ to look for me, though -^^- )

- arrrgh ohmygod those entries I hijacked on D_T's journal have been dead for, like, TWO MONTHS   DDDDX

- *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*  Must...finish...replying...

- renovations/updates/OCDlike edits to do on teh elljay (e.g. FIX THE GODDAMN CUTS, JUDY)

- oh yeah, social life, right...

- get Chuunin off email spam list because what with the not-caring phase with the Naruto fandom and all (sorry, Kishimoto-sensei, but I think the Itachicaust clinched it...I mean, I'll try to catch up, if only for old times' sake, but I just don't care enough anymore to want to have to deal with the 19374920.445 alerts that OMG LJ USER #XXY HAS POSTED ON CHUNNIN!!!111elevently)

- retackle tinyfail on ff.n (I think the D.Gray-fantards might reach 2K stories soon~  *suppresses fatuous squeal*  Sooo cuuute~)

- speaking of the precious tinyfandom, have I done the postingness of the statistics yet?...I might need to update that, come to think of it...

- why the fuck are those HP Harajuku Girl Whatever things in the sidebar ads for whatsername so fucking annoying?  *kills*

- --Gwen Stefani, that's it!  Why the hell was my first thought of Madonna?

- wait, that wasn't on my to-do list...

- figure out which of the 155 (count 'em...155!  Hot damn, the last time I saw that number was when I looked at my inbox on dA...hey, speaking of dA...  *heads for the hills*) ff.n alerts on my notes-to-self list I want to actually spend time catching up with

- oh, hey, homework.  Grades.  Graduation.  Riiight.

- get ass in gear on (a) burning Finnish/Suomi (specifically Savo) phonetics and transliteration dynamics into brain, then memorizing Ievan Polkka and a couple four ELT songs (FUNDAMENTAL LOVE, jump, Mata Ashita, Koibumi)

- read various hardcopy before I lose the Window of Opportunity

- catch up on D.Gray-manga, possibly Naruto manga

- bother with D.Gray-anime and Naruto anime?  Evaluate variables of caring and giving a shit

Et cetera.  So, I'm on it!  Sort of.  MMPU and um I think elljay are my first interweb priorities (right after Googling ultrarapid and ultradian cycling bipolar and hitting up WebMD for a far-fetched answer to the weird facial rashes the doctors can't seem to figure out), and above all, I'M NOT QUITE DEAD YET.


WOOHOO!  SPRING BREAK!  *charges off; runs into brick wall; exit stage left*