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because reasons.

disclaimer:  since this is my best guess of what she sings based on a single live youtube video, this is probably at least 20% bullshit; italics are for serious wobblies--'yo' versus 'wo', however the fuck she's conjugating/declining the verb at the end of the chorus, etc.  I did srs research with my ears, Denshi Jisho, and Google Translate!  you have been warned.

(Yumemiru: the Japanese version/adaptation of her song "Dreamer," a single on the Beatrix Runs album)
夢みる )

the lyrics of the original english-language version for comparison:
Dreamer )
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(yo!  *waves*  so I'm not as prolific or social as I used to be.  oh well.  I intend to keep this up, anyway, even if it is down to, like, one update a year.  I got projects and shit that I may or may not eventually get up here.  so much cross-concepting...)

So, in the same vein as Kirikirimai and In Our Dreams, here's my take of the lyrics to Elizaveta's recent English-language EP "HERO".  All of these are based on my perception of the words spoken, not necessarily the original intent; where I'm entirely unclear on what the hell she's singing, I'll note it with italics and plenty of bewildered question marks.

01. HERO

01. HERO
Elizaveta posted her official lyrics here on her blog, but the background is unnoted and there are occasional differences (asterisked).  For the Russian part, I have the original lyrics she posted in Cyrillic and a tentative transliteration beneath.

I'm the one who will fall )

Elizaveta posted her official version of the first part of the first verse here on her tumblr, but not the rest of the lyrics, and there's a word substitution on the EP track ("flew" instead of "took"). (I'm ignoring the "ba ba da, ba ba da, ...ba ba da; ba ba da, ba ba da, ba ba da ba da ba da" bit during the latter part of the final chorus for reasons of clutter and inability to appropriately represent the vocal layering without winding up with an incomprehensible wall of text.)

I want to fly forever )

Someone posted a version of these lyrics on a popular lyric site, but I disagree on a few points (asterisked).  (Also it sounds like the song was recorded in a bathroom with so-so acoustics, but I'm sure it's an artistic choice, alongside all that vibrato...)

I don't care if I let you down )

I am excessively fond of this song, even if I'm dubious about the use of dubstep in it, but for the life of me I can't confidently identify a number of the lines.  Auuugh.  Mondegreen lines italicized.

can you hear me now )

This one is fairly short, sweet, and simple, compared to the multilayered clusterfucks above.  Also a nice conclusion to the album.  If there only wasn't that one damn line...

the song I'll never sing for you )

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Part II of "I can't find the lyrics to this moderately obscure song and it's pissing me off"!  Today's edition: Linda Yamamoto, 1974, "Kirikirimai".  I ran across this song back in '06 or '07 while looking for Orange Range's "Kirikirimai"; the contrast alone is hilarious, but the song itself is catchy, and Linda is adorable, and I needed someone to supplement The Peanuts in my pitiful repertoire of old-school J-pop.

[/disclaimed] )

totsuzen warui sasayaki kikoe... )

Uh.  So yeah.  This is just lyrics, not a translation; Google Translate is inconsistent at best, and I'm functionally incompetent.  (See, I've technically been studying Japanese for seven years now, only I'm really lazy and kind of an otaku, so it's all been through anime/manga and Japanese popular music.  It would be so easy to find one of those online tutorials in conjugation and grammar and syntax and verbs and adjectives and so on and so forth, but...well, let's just say that my default setting is Nara Shikamaru.)
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(it's been pissing me off that I can't find an accurate version of this anywhere, so I'm transcribing the lyrics my own damn self)

ARTIST:   Emily Loizeau
ALBUM:   Pays Sauvage
RELEASED:   2009.02.03 and/or 2009.10.20  *tears hair out*
TRACK:   #11, "In Our Dreams"
COMPOSER:   Emily Loizeau

sometimes they remain in silence / sometimes they provoke the violence / of our dreams... )

The album track is supposedly five minutes and ten seconds long; the only reliable source for streaming I can find is a YouTube video of somebody's baby girl rolling around and being cute, and that's 05:15, and it cuts off at an odd place.  (Well, there's also the stop-motion one with Legos and traffic noises, which is awesome, but alas only 03:52; damn but I miss IMEEM.)  Ugh, and then the live performances, each of which is a completely different version of the song...  *headdesk*

[[ EDIT:  Mr. Jean-Claude Courbon was kind enough to scan the CD booklet pages containing the official lyrics!  Awesome~ ]]