Oct. 10th, 2015

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[[EDIT: I switched browsers and spent a full hour on an honest, good-faith attempt to crosspost this on Tumblr.  LJ code is incompatible there, so I did a lot of googling and swapping out terms.  I followed the instructions to the letter (in every sense of the phrase), but it still completely rejected the color formatting; after the third time switching between editing modes completely trashed the html and turned line and paragraph breaks upside down, I gave up.  Fuck that noise.]]
[[SON OF EDIT: finally up on tumblr! (sans colors.)]]

So here's something I did a lot of work on last spring, and intended to post about, but obviously that never happened.  (I'm always most creatively driven when I have something else to be procrastinating from...)

This is a version where two teams, from a human world and a troll world, are told that they're going to be competing against aliens to win--I'm too lazy to look at the notes right now, but I think both worlds are threatened with destruction and the winning team gets to save their planet and/or create a new one.  (At least, that's what they're told at first.)  Different home planets, same Medium; yes, that means shared moons.  I'm ignoring any alpha/beta revisionverses in favor of there being one human team and one troll team, each with nine members; I ignored about half the Noah because of characterization reasons (if I only know three things about them, one of those being their name, I can't get into their headspace).  Humans are largely Exorcists, trolls are largely Noah; I didn't feel creative enough to try mixing that up, vice versa or with integrated teams.

I actually have a semi-fleshed-out storyline for this 'verse, where two-thirds of the characters (including all time/space players) die horribly for one reason or another and the remaining six have to team up for survival, regardless of species (and regardless of who may have murdered whom in the past).  I'll go over some of that in a later post, maybe?  Same for lands, sprites, backstories, etc.  (wrt titles: I spent a looooong time angsting over classes and aspects, based on my understanding/headcanon from something like a few years ago.  At some point I intend to research more recent developments in canon for that.  I still haven't read beyond D.Gray-chapter 203, and the last page of HS I read had Jade meeting Calliope in a dream.  It's been awhile.)

> Full Name (Nicknames if they have any)
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> Title
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