Apr. 4th, 2015

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[archive post of finalists past]

The AMV Contest is quickly shaping up to be my favorite part of the con.

(Apparently this year a record-breaking number of videos were entered: forms sent for 210, 194 uploaded, and 172 managed to qualify--and somehow Programming has managed to cram all of the overflow into the three days of the con.  (Perhaps this is connected to AB's expansion into the fifth floor of the Sheraton...)  Also apparently this year's is their biggest Best of Show trophy yet offered--it did look pretty hefty.  Also also the guy in charge of the AMV Contest (since 2005) is leaving(!!); fortunately, his successor managed to hook us up with neat little cards with a tear-off ballot, leaving us the listing to take home.  Sadly it doesn't leave much room for notes; I tend to scribble all over mine, and it can be difficult trying to decipher my own handwriting.)

This year I feel like putting the ballot up Friday night, instead of waiting until Saturday or Sunday or Monday when the winners have been announced.  Why the hell not.

First, the exhibition pieces!  After the last two years, I'm actually a little surprised there wasn't a My Little Pony remake of one of the previous year's winning AMVs.  (I think it was Bashar who did it? a version of Shin's 2012 Extraball vid, and a version of Ileia's 2013 Radioakshun vid.)  Largely kaiju-themed vids instead.
~ "Totoro Meets Godzilla" (Vlad G Pohnert), a loving homage to the classic "Bambi Meets Godzilla" (came as a bit of a surprise to those who haven't heard of the original; I do so love horrified audience reactions)
~ "Go Go Tohoscope!" (drewaconclusion), what seems like an actual music video--or at least a retrospective of live-action Godzilla films set to an extremely topical song.
~ "Otaku Paradise" (BecauseImBored1), a mashup/juxtaposition of anime clips and video of cosplayers at anime cons.  Gotta be honest with you, I had a bit of an attack of the feels during this vid.

(Before the exhibitions there was also a truly adorable paper-puppet video demonstrating proper emergency procedure.  I love this con.)

DRAMA (1 win) )

ACTION (3 wins!) )

ROMANCE (2 wins!) )

UPBEAT (2 wins) )

OTHER (1 win) )

FUN/COMEDY (2 wins) )

ROUNDUP: Ileia & Shin cleaned house this year!  And a Romance vid won Best of Show for the first time in...uh...ever at this con, to my knowledge.  (To be fair, it's far from classic romance.)
At the con feedback panel, AB staff mentioned that only six of the eleven awards were handed out in person this year (two to one person); the other five awards have to be shipped to the winners (two to one person), two of whom are in Seattle, one in Michigan, and one apparently busy running Anime Conji in San Diego.  As Anime Conji has a maddening website apparently lacking a staff listing, I have no idea which AMV belonged to that person.

* DISCLAIMER:  I don't know shit about AMV editing; I've never made one in my life.  I do really enjoy watching them every year, though!

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