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Naturally I wound up with three separate scenarios, none of which really apply to the D.Gray-stuck I talked about last post.  I'll do these in ascending order of how much time they took me to work out:

NOAH ZODIAC (ignore the zodiac part)
01 Earl of Millennium ("Adam") -- Tyrian purple, Emperor etc. (undying and generally evil) -- Pisces?
09 Road Kamelot (dream(s)) -- Tyrian purple, heir etc. (raised by a horrorterror) -- Pisces?
02 Tryde (judgement(s)) -- seadweller violet, kind of royalty -- Aquarius? (seems Libra'd fit him better)
03 Tyki Mikk ("Joyd") (pleasure(s)) -- indigo, half-and-half, dangerously unstable -- Capricorn?
04 Sheryl(sp?) Kamelot ("Desires") (~greed) -- true blue, nobility, strength -- Sagittarius?
05 Wisely (wisdom(s)) -- cerulean blue, nobility, vision fivefold -- Scorpio?
06 Fiddler (corrosion? corruption?) -- teal, borderline, weird tongue thing -- Libra?
07 Mercym (pity/mercy(ies)) -- jade green, exception, sunlight -- Virgo?
08 Skinn Bolic ("Wrathra") (wrath(s)) -- olive green, middle-class, lives in a cave? -- Leo?
10-11 Jasdero and Devit ("Jasdevi") ("Bondom") (bonds) -- yellow, duality, crazy psionics -- GEMINI~
12 Lulu bell ("Lustul") (lust(s)) -- brown, low class, animal whisperer? -- Taurus? (Leo fits better)
13 Mightra (skill/talent?) -- rust red, bottom of the pecking order, powerful psionic -- Aries?
14 Neah Walker (destruction) -- mutant, deadly secret, wild card -- Cancer?
(this one could apply to D.Gray-stuck if you find a replacement cherub, like Apocryphos or something. augh why is Homestuck so complicated.)

01/09 Earl as Emperor, Road as Tyrian descendant
04 Desires' descendant Sheryl as seadweller (wealth, influence, and genocidal mania)
03 Joyd's descendant Tyki as indigo
07 ...Mercym... as bl00 (STRENGTH and sunglasses)
05 Wisely('s descendant that poor homeless kid in Paris or wherever) as cerulean
06 ...Fiddler... as teal
13 ...Mightra... as jade (all wrapped up to hide the glowiness?)
12 Lustul's descendant Lulu as olive (catgirl; add animal control, or leave to Skinn?)
10-11 Bondom's descendants Jasdevi as yellow
08 Wrathra's descendant Skinn as brown (animal-whisperer, or leave to Lulu?
02 ...Tryde... as red (psionic spirit medium?)
14/15 Neah's descendant Allen as mutant

01/14 Earl as Emperor, Neah as heir/archrival/overthrower/troublemaker
04 Sheryl as seadweller
10-11 Jasdevi as indigo twins (how did I miss this?)
02+06+07+13 Tryde/Fiddler/Mercym/Mightra filling out the blues and greens, maybe Tryde as a justice-obsessed teal? Mightra as psychic blue or green? Fiddler as...uhhh...some type of green? oliveish maybe?
09 Road as jade (works surprisingly well, especially considering how hard she is to kill)
05 Wisely as yellow (ridiculously powerful and ridiculously useless when he has a headache/is busy sulking)
03 Tyki as a yellow-brown (psionics etc.)
08 Skinn as a red-brown (maybe he hears the voices of the unavenged dead?)
12 Lulu as true red (one of those lowbloods who's weirdly into the social order that's busy screwing them; also, psionics--sort of a Handmaid or Damara character maybe?)
15 Allen as mutant (that Neah decides is a perfect candidate to help reform the world order; Allen thinks Neah is completely insane and a little scary, so acts like he's going along with it but plots escape routes)

The latter two of the scenarios is applicable to an alternate Kids/Game thing that I've been trying to work out ectobiology for and just succeeding in confusing myself further, and I'm pretty sure this sentence is an abomination unto the English language but whatever:

- Kanda Yuu/Yu Kanda (Prospit) + Alma Karma (Derse)
- Lenalee Lee/Lee Lenalee (Prospit) + Lavi Bookman (Derse)
- Miranda Lotto (Prospit) + Arystar Krory III (Derse)
- Daisya Barry (Prospit) + Noise Marie (Derse)
(couples and sibling pairs split between dreaming moons because nothing else made sense)

- Kanda as a Bro-like figure for Krory? post-Scratch, knowing of and benefiting from Krory's work?
- Alma as a Mom-like figure for Miranda? post-scratch, ^?
- Lenalee as a Nanna-like figure for...uh...Marie? with Komui as a Dad? post-scratch, Marie as Poppop sorta for Lenalee?
- Lavi as a Grandpa-like figure for...uh...Daisya? with Bookman as...oooh, Bookman could be the post-scratch Guardian...
-- Kanda and Alma never meeting prescratch? or a Mom/Dad tragic romance kind of thing? or growing up together? (I'm leaving it up to whoever for Alma's gender identity.)
-- Lavi and Lenalee growing up together prescratch? siblings or neighbors? or never meeting?
-- postscratch, Miranda and Krory teaming up?
-- postscratch, Marie and Daisya growing up brothers?

- beta trolls: Lero, raising the Earl?
- alpha trolls: Timcanpy, raising Allen? (because no lusus? or tragic lusus accident reminiscent of Mana?)
- beta kids: Link (because I love Link too much to leave him out of this AU), bossing Miranda or Marie or something?
- alpha kids: Bookman, raising Lavi?


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ME - Tyrian! indigo!
TM - yellow-brown! indigo!
SK - seadweller! (there is literally no other decent option for him)
WZ - jade? purplebluegreenyellowbrownred? seadweller/rust? cerulean! yellow!
SB - red-brown!
RK - Tyrian! seadweller! indigo! jade!
JD - indigo! yellow!
LB - seadweller? red? green?
NW - mutant! Tyrian! seadweller! indigo! jade? yellow-brown? red?
AW - mutant! Tyrian! indigo! jade! red!

CHERUB TWINS: Earl/Neah, Earl/Mana, Neah/Allen, Joyd/Tyki...Alma/Kanda???
TYRIAN ROYAL: Earl, Road, Neah, Allen, Lenalee???
INDIGO JUGGALO: Earl, Tyki, Road, Jasdevi, Neah, Allen, Alma? Daisya? Krory???
JADE UNDEAD: Road? Lulu bell? Neah? Allen? Kanda! (ahaha Kanda) Lavi? Krory?
MUTANT: Neah! Allen! Kanda! Alma?

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