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Woo, it's been a while. I have a lot to do WRT updating this blog, if I do keep it updated--D.Gray-chapters, that other d_t convo, the AB AMV post...not to mention all the cross-concepting I've been doing. Oh well, one thing at a time.

D.Gray-stuck! (not to be confused with D.Troll-man)

-- I haven't actually caught up with the canon DGM chapters from 204 onward...I keep intending to, and not doing it
-- and the last thing I remember keeping up with re: Homestuck was John waking up from his tantrum-induced dreambubble convo with Vriska and Tavros
-- and of course I read through the first few thousand pages of HS on a device that refused to view the Flash pages, which was super confusing and it's only the recaps that helped me understand anything at all; I'm trying to finish remedying that now, and also catch up, but it's pretty time-consuming

So, the Fab Four as the Kids, the Noah as the Trolls, the Earl and the 14th as the Cherubs, and I'm too lazy to put much thought into ectobiological shenanigans right now.  Not really interested in the game mechanics e.g. denizens and consorts and carapaces and exiles etc., but the titles and lands and locations and themes etc. will be addressed.

The Earl of Millennium is a Time Lord* Lord of Time (seven-thousand-year-old sorcerer with game-breaking powers and evil-god levels of final boss difficulty); the setting itself can be played as straight AU or as a sort of weird alternate-dimension reincarnation fic: where the Earl lost the war but could not be destroyed, and was sealed away from the universe/world he so dearly wanted to lay waste to, and nursed a massive grudge until the time when he could come at the problem from a different angle--19th-century vendetta, 19th-century style; 21st-century vendetta...  No longer a quasi-steampunky shadow holy war where he's pulling all the strings, but a quasi-cyberpunky dimension-hopping game interface similarly orchestrated so that the dice are loaded in his favor and the poor suckers caught up in the middle of it have little choice other than to die horribly.  (D.Gray-man is not a pleasant setting.  Homestuck isn't either, but both stories are told in such a way that you're frequently distracted from the bleakness of reality.)  My notes describe as being influenced by the era: 19th-century style was a holy war with chosen apostles and religious magic; 21st-century style is sci-fi mindfuckery with grey aliens and video games.

(So if it's the sequel to D.Gray-man, then the Earl finds a way to yank at Allen/Neah from where he's been banished, and resets their existences--three of the Exorcists closest to Allen (who died around the same time as him? this AR probably involves a pyrrhic-victory ending where the world is saved but all your favorite characters are dead or horribly maimed) are pulled along into the Earth time period where the Earl's trying to do-over the war, the Noah are reborn in a new world specifically designed by the Earl so that they too can enter the 'game' and be given the chance to join him and benefit through his victory, and Neah--since he is the one the Earl most wants to punish--winds up, by the rules of this new existence the Earl is setting up, as his alter ego.  This is not ideal for the Earl, but it was difficult enough to arrange all this from being trapped outside of space and time, so sacrifices must be made.  This way, he gets to destroy the Earth and its ungrateful inhabitants, take revenge on Allen Walker and the 14th, reunite with those most deserving in his family, and torture some other exorcists as a side benefit.)

I'm undecided as to how to organize the Noah--it's tempting to try to align them along the eastern or western zodiacs, but I don't think it'd fit them very well--and there's only twelve of them this way, and JasDevi would feel awkward not both being Gemini.  I'll probably just go with the numbering scheme, and/or assign haemospectrum values.  And in terms of lusii...oy.  I'll get back to you on that.

For world guardians I'm going with Timcanpy, and maaaybe Lero, still undecided about that.

So!  I've mostly been working with the Fab Four/Kids angle.  Here's what I've got so far:

KID -- Allen Walker
SYMBOL -- *ace of spades? upside-down pentagram?* the Crown Clown mask? a clown-paint face? the cross on his hand?
COLOR -- red and grey and silver and white; theme a deep dark blood red
TYPING HABIT -- almost stiffly proper grammar and punctuation and capitalization, if a bit shaky on spelling...until he's pissed off, in which case propriety falls by the wayside and he gets a bit more vulgar
SCREEN NAME -- word bank: crown clown pierrot red black white cross grave 14 mask poker ace royal flush; candidates: whitePierrot, whiteClown, crownClown, pokerFace, royalFlush, paintedMask, crossGrave, numberFourteen...
STRIFE SPECIBUS -- clawkind (dunno how to address the sword/lightsaber/gun thing)
GOD TIER TITLE -- Knight of Hope; also considered Heir of Hope, and he works as a Hero of Blood, or maybe Doom or Heart (I was sooooo tempted to make him Prince of Time because of Hevlaska's prophecy, you have no idea)
LAND NAME -- idea bank: circus, tents, clowns, snow, ice, frost, graves, graveyards, wandering...something to do with his aspect as well maybe. churches? Land of Snow and Churchyards?
EARTH HOME -- somewhere in Britain, or maybe India
ASSOCIATED PEOPLE ETC. -- Timcanpy, Cross, Mana...Mother, Baba, Cosimo, Allen-the-dog...

KID -- Yu Kanda/Kanda Yuu
SYMBOL -- *the truncated aum?* the hourglass lotus?
COLOR -- blue and black and red; theme a dark navy blue
TYPING HABIT -- he doesn't give a shit about capitalization or punctuation or spelling; gets capslocky when pissed
SCREEN NAME -- word bank: mugen 6 illusion(s) sword khanda 2 second lotus alma; candidates: sixthIllusion, muGen, secondLotus, illusoryBlade, gofuckYourself...
STRIFE SPECIBUS -- swordkind (/bladekind?)
GOD TIER TITLE -- Prince of Life; also considered Knight of Life, and he might work as a Hero of Doom or Rage
LAND NAME -- idea bank: ponds pools caves drought lotuses blue-skies...aspect too? Land of Drought and Lotuses?
EARTH HOME -- China or Japan or Britain maybe
ASSOCIATED PEOPLE ETC. -- Alma...Zuu, Edgar, Twi, Bak...Tiedoll, Marie...

KID -- Lenalee Lee/Lee Lenalee
SYMBOL -- *butterfly?* dragonfly? high heeled shoe? chocolate cake? shackles?
COLOR -- violet/purple and pink and red and green; theme some type of purple--lavender? royal purple? *amethyst?*
TYPING HABIT -- casual (lowercase) but proper, with perfect spelling/grammar/punctuation, which can get a little enthusiastic!!! when overly excited or pissed off

SCREEN NAME -- word bank: butterfly dragonfly chocolate boots shoes feet shackles; candidates: blackBoots, dragonFly, butterflyFeet, butterflyBoots, butterflyShoes, butterflyShackles...
STRIFE SPECIBUS -- bootkind (/shoekind?)
GOD TIER TITLE -- Maid of Space; also considered Heir of Space, Witch of Space, and she works as a Hero of Blood, or maybe Breath (she works better as these than as Space, but I needed a Space player and she fit best; she's Maid and not Witch at least partly because I didn't want overlap with the eight living Kids and the twelve main Trolls--Porrim and the rest of the Anscendants don't count because reasons)
LAND NAME -- idea bank: uhhh. I haven't spent as much time concentrating on Lavi and Lenalee's headspaces as I should.
EARTH HOME -- somewhere in China or maybe Britain...or Korea?
ASSOCIATED PEOPLE ETC. -- Komui...Jeryy, Matron, Reever...

KID -- Lavi Bookman(?)
SYMBOL -- eyepatch? hammer? 49? scroll? book?
COLOR -- green and orange and brown and red; theme maybe a drab olive or brighter leaf green, or even a darkish dusty/browny orange?
TYPING HABIT -- lowercase and sloppy and full of unnecessary emoticons when 'in character', but in times of great danger/seriousness/'bookman mode' his grammar and punctuation and spelling fix themselves up
SCREEN NAME -- word bank: tessei oozuchi-kozuchi hammer eyepatch apprentice 49 deak alias record seal stamp history war librarian; candidates: eyepatchApprentice, alias49, historyNut, secretHistory, warHistorian, apprenticeLibrarian...
STRIFE SPECIBUS -- hammerkind
GOD TIER TITLE -- Mage of Time; he works as a Hero of Heart, or maybe Light or Mind (similar case to Lenalee--he's great for Heart like she's great for Blood, but none of the boys worked for Space and Lavi was the best for Time)
LAND NAME -- idea bank: puzzles riddles libraries cemeteries mass-graves mummies tombs labyrinths mazes battlefields ummm.
EARTH HOME -- somewhere in North America, or maybe North Africa or the Middle East or Central/North Asia???

*I'm assuming someone's made this joke about Caliborn/Lord English already


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This set has Allen as Rogue of Hope, Lenalee as Knight of Breath, Kanda as Thief of Doom, and Lavi as Heir of Mind--we sort of agree on aspects! And I'm of the opinion that class is at least partially dependent on aspect, in terms of how appropriate it is for the character.


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This set has Allen as Heir of Hope, Kanda as Knight of Life, Lenalee as Witch of Breath, and Lavi as Seer of Heart. ARE YOU ME.

(it's nice to know someone else may have also spent three days angsting over this)

...fffff now it’s not letting me change the icon for the above comment...or rearrange the order of the titles...
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"[...] dgm and homestuck would be a gr9 idea here’s the beginning of my au"

...I distinctly remember reading this less than a week ago, but between now and then she's apparently "moved" to a tumblr with zero content. DX I don't remember the details either, dammit.


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This one went with the Destroyer of Time bit--Allen as Prince of Time, Kanda as Knight of Life, Lenalee as Sylph of Breath, Lavi as Seer of Heart, and featuring Neah as Bard of Space and Alma as Maid of Doom.

(Tumblr's search algorithms make me really angry, there's so many gaping holes.)


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"Today, a young man stands in his bedroom. He has just received word that a very famous game has reached the final stages of development. Today, he and his friends will have the chance to play this game, and like all others who ever have and ever will play, it will change everything they thought they knew.
But not matter what, they'll keep on walking.
>Begin game.
[[Obligatory D.Gray-man Homestuck AU. Writing and art by Starcrossedsky unless otherwise noted. Commands are OPEN.]]"

from the personal tumblr:

"The more I mull over DGMstuck

The more I’m tempted to throw my hands in the air with a great big “FUCK THIS” and just accept that Allen = Prince of Time is canon

((for those not into Homestuck jargon - Prince is a class defined as someone who “destroys x, or is destroyed by x,” with x in this case being time.))

Especially because Neah is already the Bard ( = “one who heralds destruction of or through x”; the counterpart class to Prince) of Space.

Just… fuck everything.

#so now there's a silly space in my head where Alle and Vanitas fight it out for that title"

"Kanda that’s absolutely not allowed

No matter how appropriate it is

Your handle cannot be “slashWarfare”

did you let Alma pick that out for you I mean seriously

you did didn’t you"

"What if the source of Alma’s weird external knowledge is Calliope’s fanfiction

what if that

he ships Johnkat"

"So Jasdevi are kind of the inverse of Sollux

They’re seemingly two players, but they share a land/house/title/sprite, and only have one dreamself between them??

Why am I brainstorming so hard for the Noah session suddenly.

#dgmstuck alpha: Those Crazy Noah Are At It Again"

"…Timcampy is Allen’s sprite

why was this not obvious from the beginning"

"Scripting DGMstuck: >Alma: Examine jar of candy

It’s not a jar of candy!

-image of jar-

This is your collection of PAPER STARS. You’ve folded one every day for the last NINE YEARS, ever since you were parted from your best friend.


You really have no idea what you’re going to do with these things."

"dskj;gdshadsasd got Lenalee’s handle



"The main session is - Allen as Prince of Time, Neah as Bard of Space (he says if codpiece he will kill you), Kanda as Knight of Life, Alma as Maid of Doom (he says if you point out that that’s a female title he kill kill you), Lavi as Seer of Heart, and Lenalee as Sylph of Breath.

Then there’s the Noah session and that is a LOAD OF BULLSHIT so we’ll bother with that later"

"the dreamerhoods are Prospit - Allen, Kanda, and Lenalee, and Derse - Neah, Alma, and Lavi, just f y i"


Latula and Porrim link karma with the aspect of Mind


do I need to change your aspect

#I could work the hero of mind angle
#he'd still be a maid tho
#because GENDERFUCK"

"#but no seriously I am having a STRONG CONFLICT OF TITLES #because on the one hand #doom is death and Alma is pretty clearly associated with it #on the other hand #the aspect of mind apparently includes karma #and YEAH #goddamnit#fuck this is hard #this is worse than the Allen prince wiffling because they’re really both equally valid #and also it’s ALMA

someone help plz"

"Nai - wiltedSoul - urbanComposition: ok everybody remind me I WILL forget this later, but Alma’s land is Pools and Underground and Kanda’s is Mist and Blooms, OK I’M DONE HERE

#seriously this is like the third time I've sorted their land names and forgotten"
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ooooo I remember now she said something about the Earl being the Condesce. maybe something about Derse and Prospit Dreamers too? who knows.

edit: ooo ooo ooo I think I remember her sticking Allen and Lenalee on Prospit and Kanda and Lavi on Derse...someone sure did, at least, and hers is the only one I can't double-check...
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haHA! it's not visible in standard view, but mobile view shows fine! take that, inconvenient redirect!

I'm'a just repost that shit for safety's sake. It will not disappear again!

"bc i have an overactive mind and thought combining dgm and homestuck would be a gr9 idea here's the beginning of my au

the exorcists take the place of the alpha/beta kids, and the noahs take the place of the trolls, but acting generally more antagonistic and less helpful than the trolls. the original thirteen apostles (joido, etc.) are considered the ancestors, with the earl taking the place of the condesce.

atm players are

- allen walker
- lenalee lee
- lavi
- yuu kanda
- daisya barry
- alma karma
- road kamelot
- tyki mikk

will probably add others like marie, miranda, krory, jasdevi, etc as time goes on

prospit dreamers are allen, lenalee, alma, and road

derse dreamers are kanda, lavi, daisya, and tyki

strife specibi

- kanda - katanakind
- lavi - hammerkind
- daisya - bellkind
- alma - staffkind
- tyki - teezkind
- allen - bladekind
- lenalee - bootkind / fistkind
- road - candlekind

as for the titles

- lavi - heir of heart
- kanda - prince of life
- allen - page of hope
- daisya - rogue of time
- alma - seer of doom
- lenalee - knight of breath
- road - seer of void
- tyki - bard of heart

that's it atm but i just wanted to post it for now"
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From: [identity profile] kohikari.livejournal.com

"Allen - Heir of Hope
Kanda - Knight of Life
Lenalee - Witch of Breath
Lavi - Seer of Heart
Alma - Maid of Doom
Neah - Bard of Space
Road - Page of Dream ((CUSTOM ASPECT YEA YEA SHUT UP))
Cross - Thief of Void
Krory - Rogue of Blood
Miranda - Sylph of Time
Wisely - Mage of Mind
Tyki - Prince of Light

Link keeps trying to insist that he’s a Hero of Life now and I’m like NO SHUT UP, btw.

#i had to shuffle around the girls when it was revealed what the sylph does
#one who heals through or by means of x
#is exactly miranda"


"Road is the smallest subjugglator ever.


She comes up about the Grand Highblood’s navel.

#and her paint has the noah crossed forehead"

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"I have made some DGM/homestucks headcanons, just in case the idea was ever contemplated. obviously the 4 main players would turn out to be Allen, Lenalee, Kanda and Lavi (who the fuck is Lavi). So, I kinda thought about their god-tier titles.

Allen, the Rogue of Hope.

Lenalee, the Knight of Breath.

Kanda, the Thief of Doom.

Lavi, the Heir of Mind.

I just kind of related their classes and aspects to their abilities and stuff. what do you think?


also she drew them: http://pinkromantic.tumblr.com/post/39975881244/hey-guys-look-what-i-made-i
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On the subject of dreamselves: My instinct is to do what this person did and put Allen and Lavi on Derse and Kanda and Lenalee on Prospit. (Previous person put Allen and Kanda and Lena on Prospit and Lavi and Neah and Alma on Derse.)

Except in terms of who's most likely to be (knowingly or unknowingly) seeing visions of the future, past, or present through Skaia's clouds, that's Allen and Lavi. They're the seer types, the observant ones, the ones with massive metaphor-ridden eyeball trauma. Lavi seems the type, and Allen straight up sees shit others don't in canon. (The communication with demons and the dead is also what edges him towards Derse.) Kanda had foreknowledge of the sky in canon, but he doesn't seem the type to really be precognitive. Lenalee...bless her soul, she doesn't strike me as having a precog bone in her body unless you start conflating her with Jade (which is far too easy).

Of course, in terms of having secrets whispered to you by forgotten gods, that's def more Allen and Lavi's thing...

Really I made up my mind a long time ago and I just need to angst and dither over it some more. That happens a lot.

[[edit: the picture includes this info:
Allen -- color: grey -- symbol: ace of spades
Lavi -- color: red -- symbol: fire stamp/seal (formerly hammer)
Kanda -- color: blue -- symbol: katana
Lenalee -- color: green -- symbol: butterfly

and she mentioned
"I should probably say: Kanda has a female outfit because they have an imbalanced gender ratio and it mistook him for female because of his hair."]]
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wrt the "D.Troll-man"...

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My favorite foursome to work with is the Fab Four; five, add Link; six, swap Link for Tyki and Road; seven, add 'em all together. Whenever I'm cross-concepting, I tend to pick one of these groups to focus on (partly for shipping reasons; you could argue for all six being paired with Allen, and there are many plausible and semiplausible cross-ships, and I'm an OTEveryone whore anyway).

Before I was thinking in terms of the game, I was thinking in terms of the troll haemospectrum! And so I did a lot of hemming and hawing and table-drawing and came up with this (summarised because I'm too lazy to make a whole new post for it):

Allen Walker -- widest probable range on spectrum located somewhere between the Peixeses and the Captors, narrowing to a mutant or a rustblood; I'm a little fond of him typing with Karkat's grey text and actually being honest about it--in a world of rainbow blood colors, how fucking weird would grey be? For less super speshulness, straight up troll red, somewhere around the Megidos, but human!Allen was born a mutant of a sort--it makes sense to transfer. For extra shits and giggles, add natural lusus-white hair.

Kanda Yuu -- widest probable range located either between the Vantases and the Captors or between the Maryams and the Makaras, narrowing to a rustblood or some type of blueblood; maybe some kind of horrible genetic experiment involving looking blue but bleeding/fighting/dying like red. Can you tell I'm indecisive.

Lenalee Lee -- widest probable range located either between the Makaras and the Peixeses or between the Leijons and the Serkets, narrowing to a seadweller or some type of high greenblood; can't decide whether psychic or not, for the flying and general trashing of shit. (Okay, no, probably psychic, if only telekinesis. Teal-y?)

Lavi -- widest probable range located between the Nitrams and the Pyropes, narrowing to maybe an oliveblood or a tealblood...probably like an oliveblood or some type of yellow/brown with less psychic power, or maybe just a touch too yellowy to be jade? Augh why can't I make up my mind about this dude.

Road Kamelot -- widest probable range located between the Zahhaks and the Vantases, narrowing to a seadweller or straight-up Tyrian, though it is tempting to make her indigo. Maaaaad psy.

Tyki Mikk -- widest probable range located either between the Megidos and the Captors or between the Zahhaks and the Amporas, narrowing to a psychically powerful brownblood or a subjugglator indigoblood; maaaybe just a STRONG blueblood with highblood rage issues, but that sounds more Skinn.

Howard Link -- widest probable range located between the Nitrams and the Serkets, narrowing to an oliveblood or a tealblood with an oversized helping of snootiness and buying into/catering to the haemospectrum-based social order, or at the very least the concept of strict social hierarchy and law and order and RRRUUUUURRRRRUUU.

(Note: I consider the spectrum less linear than circular, with Karkat as an intermediary representing the joining of the Tyrian and rust ends--both potentially powerful and badass, but with radically different lifespans/biology/social standing/what have you. Since I like colors and sorting things by rainbow order too much, I frequently draw maps of this including the kids and the cherubs.)

Re: wrt the "D.Troll-man"...

Date: 2013-06-23 01:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kohikari.livejournal.com
wrt the Noah, including a re-look at Road, Tyki, and Allen